I Smile

i put on my mask
when i saw you today.

this one i chose to wear
is thick and dark.

it lets nothing in
it lets nothing out.

i smile and i laugh
i giggle how you like.

i hold your hand
i rub your leg.

i bury my face in your chest,
smell the warmth.

i climb inside you as
deep as i can.

and i smile.

i wear the mask.
i wear it well.

no one asks why.

i do it for you.
because of you.

i could no longer
express who i am.

how i felt.
how i live.

you needed me to be strong.
you needed me to be happy.

so i was.
for you.

i wear the mask of smiles.
i pull it on.

no matter how it stings me
no matter what poison it is filled with.

it wasnt easy.
it's not easy.

but i love you.
you beat inside of me.

what you feel
i feel.

you need to be safe.
unconditional love.

you need reassurance
you deserve everything.

so i smile.

i smile for you.
reassure you.

smile for your safety.

i take the mask off
when you leave.

i cry. i mourn.
i drown. i suffocate.

but when you are back
the mask is too.

it's the least i can do for you.

different masks
for different people

but yours is most important

i smile.

i hug you
i hold you
i stroke you
i love you

and i smile.
curlygirl18 curlygirl18
26-30, F
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Thank you :)