I Only Live To Serve....

The first time you see me, you're first impression would probably be, "She's all alone. She won't talk to anyone. She's weird!"

Once you get to know me. "She's so amazing! She's so funny and charismatic, I'm glad I have her as my friend. She's so nice, she loves helping people."

Well it is true.. But I hold a lot inside.. Sometimes I just want to go on a homicidal rampage and just take out half of a town.. But I won't, because of the consequences.. I fantasize about just ripping people's heads off or slitting their throats and watching them bleed to death..... I should know better.. I don't have the balls to do it.. I hate them and/ or love them.. No happy medium what so ever

Now I must go back to what I do best, helping people with their problems and making them laugh and smile. I do it, only to see everyone's smiles~~
DeadMasterArsenic DeadMasterArsenic
22-25, F
Dec 12, 2012