Off To Boarding School

Well, I guess I've finally pushed away too hard, made my last taken too many overdoses. It because people don't understand. They really have no idea. They just think they do.
But my dad and mum have had enough, I don't see why because they have never really supported me.. just left me to get on with it. My dad thinks I'm pathetic and stupid, my mum is always telling me to get into the "real" world and hurry up and kill myself. Well the truth is I am in the real world and it's horrible, it hurts. I want to start crying and run off and see who follows me, but real life isn't like that, humans can't fly, animals can't talk and nobody ever cares.
Well I guess I'm just the little sad rich girl. Everybody thinks because my parents have money I am happy, i get what i want. I never get what i truly want though, i want someone to love me, i want someone to care. Instead i am getting shipped off to boarding school on the outskirts of London because my parents don't want me. It was either this or being put into care, and i doubt anyone would want me even then, who want a troublesome teenager anyway? But no.. i'm being sent to boarding school... with a load of other posh talking teenager girls. I don't belong there. I'm not sure where i belong but my dad has paid a lot of money for me to attended that school, he said "i lack the skills i am expected to know" that's my dad's way of saying I'm thick and not getting the A*'s in every subject like he want me to.. I hate it!
i suppose i could look at it as a new start and all that.. but to be honest I don't want a new start there.. The only reason i will fit in is because i have money.. and whatever.
First my school washed their hands with me, then my friends and now my own family don't even want me. Whatever... I'm fine
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Hi i start at boarding school last september so maybe we can compare notes xx