Taboo Too

She is sleeping....hands bound... panties around her feet..
She told me what she done...
Fondling strange men.. on the metro-link..
Without knowing who they were...
Just siting next to them .. without a word .. reaching over.
Then telling them to enjoy without a sound or she would scream...
3 times this week.
I had to bind her hands... then spank her..
She wants to {M}astur{b}ate now.. I would not allow her..
My hand stings as I connect with her A$$ ... again and again.. it becomes red... She is wet .. I time...
Later... I place my fingers inside.. move I please..
Pleasure over takes her.. she is still bound...
I hold to her hair and tell her to wait... I will take her later... she cannot leave...
She must wait for me ..

She asked me for this

I cannot tell her
I like this
Stranglehold Stranglehold
41-45, M
Jan 7, 2013