Temporary Sex Change

As a transvestite and living in Ireland, I have to keep my inner sexuality hidden from view during office hours.
By way of compensation I wear my sexiest, silkiest lingerie under my drab office attire.
Each morning when I get up, I lay out my bra, thong, suspenders and stockings.
After my shower I moisturise myself and begin to dress. I always take my time dressing as the experience can be extremely sensual.
I begin with my bra. It snugly fits my b cup breasts, unlike when
I wear my banger booster dd cups and forms in the evening.
My suspenders are next and then I slip my stockings on and attach the clips. I always wear my heels while dressing and have plenty of long looks in the mirror.
I slip my thong between my butt cheeks and over my hips and I'm done.
I put on my shirt and tie, and finally my suit and off I go.
This is how I deal with being a female inside a male body. I feel every the wonderful textures of the fine materials as they slide on my skin.
Most times my knickers are soaked from pre-*** when I get home and there is only one thing to do when I take them off.

So this is my daily sex change. If you feel in touch with your feminine side then start with a pair of knickers under your workwear and move on from there.

Be brave and survive.
Love, Melissa xxxx

trulymelissa trulymelissa
46-50, T
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

You are so right I always wear some nice panties under my work cloths