They Couldn't Be More Surprised.

What they see, is a quiet girl with a dark essence; always wearing dark colors, hoodies and her studded belt. They see a girl who doesn't dress up, and wears jeans all the time. They see a girl who keeps to herself, staying far away from others. They hear a girl who in fact, hardly talks. They ask if she'd like to go "smoke a bowl" or "pick up a bottle" when class is over. They see the girl give them a ridiculous look, then walk away. They assume this girl is just a loner, a smoker, a future drop out. They assume this girl has no sense of humor with a huge lack of intelligence.

They couldn't be more surprised.

In fact, this girl is the complete opposite. This "girl," is really a young woman.

My appearance is highly deceiving. I wear hoodies, jeans, studded belts and skate shoes because it is my OWN style. You can't force me to follow those ridiculous trends just because it made it into the media. I am ME. I dress the way I do, because it's comfortable for ME. And just because I dress that way, doesn't mean I smoke and drink. How about you ask me before you assume I throw my life away on that ****.

My quietness, you may ask? Oh.. I've been through a hell of a time during my short 17 1/2 years of breathing. I've been deceived by a few people that meant the most to me. I've watched my family tear apart and pick sides. I've watched my mother struggle to bring home dinner, watching us eat as she'd starve so we wouldn't go hungry. I've suffered from years of numbness. I've suffered from depression. I've watched my best friend of eight years, who was a sister to me, on life support because she had a brain aneurysm when we were 13 years old. Almost five years later, and I'm still traumatized by it.
Don't assume I'm this delinquent because I don't talk first. I'm sorry I'd rather have YOU strike the conversation, because to me, that would mean you think I'm someone worth talking to.

You say I have no sense of humor? Excuse me, while I go make up some assumptions about you. Fair enough, right? I'm a highly humorous person. Spend the day with me after we get to know each other, and you'll have a six pack by the end of the night from how much you'll be laughing.

You think I'm unintelligent? Then please explain to me why everyone goes to me for advice. Explain to me why everyone gets ideas from ME. Explain why all my teachers praise my work. I may have an A- average, but to me, that's low. And that letter, doesn't represent my intelligence. Ask me questions, and then you'll discover the true potential I contain.

It's people like you that disgust me. The thought of even stereotyping someone before you get to know the true them, is repulsive in some ways. 'Oh, she's wearing black clothing, with dark make up? She must be an attention seeking, overly emotional girl who cuts herself every night...' It's pathetic. And just knowing that's the way you see people, honestly makes part of your personality very cold, and pathetic.
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Jan 13, 2013