Who Am I?

Have you ever felt lost in yourself...
Not knowing you you've become or who you lost along the way?
Partying? Dinking? Smoking?
No that's not me.. Been there done that..
Cutting ? Feeling sorry for myself?
Nope done that too...
Preppy? Cheerleader?
Again.. No
What do you do when you've gone so long trying to be accepted.. Wanted by everyone else.. That you lose yourself along the way..
I miss the old me, well... What I remember of her..
Who am I?
Kayyluhh Kayyluhh
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

yes,yes,yes! I miss the old me and it seems like I can't be her anymore like I completely lost myself. I don't know how to act anymore... I try to act like myself and.. Just ugh icant