A Facade

i pretend to be peoples friends and want to be but i secertly don't like them very much unless they're useful to me i pretend to be religouse and believe in god but am not who i say i am, i make up things constatnetly and i am not sure what's true anymore maybe i've said the lie so much i believe it my self
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18-21, M
1 Response May 25, 2007

why lie? i do the same too.....but i dont lie saying i am religious....i mean it when i say i believe in my faith....i mean it when i say i believe in what i believe in i dont lie i dont hide, even to get accepted you needn't have to lie just be urself there are lotz of people out there who would love to have u as a friend as u r...u dont have to pretend...that is not what u r for in this world.....your life would be meaningless without ur real personality, your life wouldnt be urs then ...remember that