Actually - I'm Not Even Who I Think I Am

A patrician background, famous father, exotic vacations, and 5 star schools put me on the fast track to being somebody I wasn't - but managed to convince nearly everyone I was.  A succession of catastrophic Manic episodes blew the lies apart and revealed what I wasn't, but could be.  The reconstruction process took years, a labor that might have brought a bead of sweat to the brow of Hercules.  Now I travel incognito, a worker among workers, just another Bozo on the bus.  Even I am not fully aware of what I am, that's how deep the river actually is.  If this makes sense then I'm proud of you.  Go to for more gold, and fun - and if you're ready for the whole enchilada go to and check out Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg, my unprecedented memoir of Manic Depression.  It's even better than I think it is - I think.
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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2 Responses Jun 17, 2007

Yes, Yes, and Yes - in that order.

Must have been really nice to finally figure that one out.We can only find peace with ourselves if there is honesty and soul searching. Have I gotten it right, are ya proud of me?