not many people can see how they look in other peoples eyes, usually the person that people see is the person you really are on the outside. The front that you have created for yourself for whatever reason, sometimes as a sub conscious cover to prevent your'self' from bieng hurt, has maybe been bricked up that long you don't even realise that you have that front anymore. If it is a bad feeling behind 'i'm not who they think I am' then think why have you needed to create this facade. I lived in a shell pretending I was ok when really inside i was confused, frightened, lonely and empty. I bricked myself in cos I was so hurt, but didn't even realise I was doing it. I thought I was getting stronger in myself but I was only becoming bitter towards life. They didn't know me cos I didn't even know me.

SuzyWongx SuzyWongx
31-35, F
1 Response Jun 22, 2007

I can relate. Would you be interested in talking with me some time?