I Am a Closet Hermit

When people first meet me, they assume I am very friendly and outgoing. Actually, I have to force myself to talk to people because I'm terrified of pretty much everyone. My youngest daughter possesses the same personality trait. When her dad or myself return home from work, she can be found hiding in her room. Is anyone else this painfully shy?

HarleyBob619 HarleyBob619
41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 2, 2007

i understand COMPLETELY how you feel. i'm the same exact way. i am a leo, so it's in my personality to be outgoing and all that..and i am, but i find that i am so nervous to the point that i go blank when i'm trying to say something, especially when someone is looking at me. i'm always afraid that i'm going to say something crazy. i find myself focusing on my actually being nervous instead of what the person is talking to me about. when it comes to having friends, it's like a nightmare. i am generally a happy person, but something will happen and i go into my fight or flight mode and i usually start freaking out (shaking, crying, my heart races, i get really really cold) it really sucks. sometimes the worst part is feeling like other people must think i'm crazy.

I dont find it being shy myself, I call it anxiety. They call it social anxiety. And yes it can be hereditary. Just a thought.