Not So Inocent:(

when people first see me and start talkin to me they think i'm this nice shy inocent girl whose lives in the suburbs and has the perfect life but what they dont know is that i'm in foster care my mother's a crack head i'm a cutter i've been in an out of hospitals for being sucidal and now that i'm in college an on my own everybody is back to sayin how perfect i am but i'm not i'm diein  inside
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

i can relate to you..sometimes it all seems so helpless doesn't it? I get so depressed sometimes....but i suppose I am lucky in a way to have my son to be that light at the end..<br />
<br />
hope things get better..

Honey, you can't change yesterday, but today and tomorrow is up to you.It seems to me that you have come a long way, don't be so hard on yourself,the heck with the past make your future the best you can, you have your whole life ahead of you.... Good Luck, and God Bless