I Don't Think Anyone Knows...

I don't think anyone knows the real me. I only ever show the quirky/weird, energetic and carefree person and never the person I am without friends around me.

Everything seems to switch whenever I'm away from my friends. I become extremely negative and self-loathing (maybe with good reason) and I just feel everybody around me is as fake as I am; everyone's a hater and an enemy. I always turn to be angry at everyone for all sorts of reasons. I worry myself sometimes.
lupin136 lupin136
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 1, 2007

Let's begin by getting away from the idea that you might have a good reason for self-loathing. Self-loathing is never a good idea. As to anger - try to figure out where it's coming form - what the cause? Anger is powerful voodoo that can do a lot of damage.