People Think This

everyone thinks that iam soo happy i fake a smile, even though i hate fake people. i mess up just like everyone does. iam not perfect i like living life unperfect.i wear a mask so people want see who i really aim, one day maybe i want have to wear that mask! iam only 17 an i just want to give up in life but  i know i cant because there some much more out there four me. i look up an don't look down well i try not to look down, i remember life's to short to mad, sad even though iam depressed but i know ill get though it just like everyone else did!
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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

Your story sounds very much like what i do, i know how your feeling.<br />
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Sometimes its hard to see the positives in life when you feel that everything you show is fake, But as unclear as they are sometimes they are always there. <br />
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Life is all about good and bad yet we tend to only remember the bad.<br />
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Try and always remember the good things and somehow you will get thru in your own time =]<br />
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brokensound xxx