More Than Just a Mum

my family think i am just any other mum and nanna but i am not. i have been married for the last 41 years to a man i didnt love on my wedding day and havnt grown to love since,in 41 years i have had at least 8 lovers 2 of whom i loved dearly. my eldest daughter has knowledge of 2 of my lovers and has met 1 of those 2. she also knows that i am deeply in love with the last one. he came back into my life 18 months ago after a gap of 40 years and swept me of my feet

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5 Responses Feb 9, 2009

thanks for your comment.. :) I sure do wish I can face my crazy problems in time too & I know Im surviving life, that there are so many people out there who have it much worse but just knowing that someone actually cares makes me feel that much better. thanks again.

why did u get married and live a lie if you were not in love....? pressure? hmmm this story is the first one to really catch me off guard, but ep is not for judgement just discussion, i personally would never walk down the aisle if i did not love the person at the alter

wow what a story well atleast you have found great love that is very important!

I know what you mean about not loving your SO. I felt the same way when I married my wife. Did it because everyone expected us to, not because I wanted to. After seven years, I am realizing this is not where I want to be but finding a way out is very very difficult, especially with a child involved. You are not alone. I hope you find a solution and find happiness and love.

its never to late to be happy and in love, only unfortunate circumstances.