I Am So Not Vanilla!

Most of my friends think I am like them...and in some ways that is true. I do like to have fun, I'd like to have a SO and settle down, I'd like to adopt a child or two...but, the "other" me is...wild and crazy, a risk taker, a rough player, a sub to his Dom.

My vanilla friends would die if they knew...I hinted once or twice, testing the waters, with a good friend and got shudders and eye-rolls and "if anyone laid a hand on me (or you) like that I'd kill them"...so, I do not say anything to those friends!

I had a Dom once that knew, and encouraged me to try new things, and then got mad when i came back bruised and loving it! So, had is the word in that sense...lol The person I see now is a disciplinarian. He likes to leave marks and have me tell him about them in the days that follow if we cannot be together. I have tried razor strops, belts, floggers, bare hand, hot wheels track (interesting mark patterns!), switches and several other things. If Sir asks I am willing to try for him. Sometimes he decides the item is not to his liking and  then we will not use it again. It is a relived experience in a totally new way to go into the woods and cut a switch, knowing full well it is going to be used on my bare bottom.

I like being told what to do, how to dress, how to answer...and in "real" life, my friends would find that so totally not me. At work I am an instructor, a leader, basically a mover and shaker, so it is very freeing to me to have all decisions...okay, most, taken away. I love to give up my will and just do whatever it takes to please Sir.

The problem is, I really want to find a SO that I can have all to myself, but that can treat me like Sir does! My ex husband thought he could, but I never saw him in a leader roll. If he raised a belt to me I would have laughed. He did not understand that the head has to be into it as much as the heart and body.

I am just So not vanilla!lol

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

my friends and family know nothing of how i really live... i have also tested the waters... sigh