they think I'm an innocent 14 year old , they think I don't smoke or drink, they think I don't cut myself or have suicidal thoughts, that I live a happy life despite losing my father a year ago. they think I'll live a long life when I only have 15 more years to live. they are wrong in every way
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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

I understand you, Okay I know what that feels like to lose your Father I lost My FATHER, at 7 years Old, And I understood It All, I didn't shed one Tear because I knew that I had no Control over The Situation and that I was using My Heart to Keep Strong not to Cry, That's How I learned to live with My Heart and not My Mind only or Instinct Only, This Enabled me to help others speaking words of Truth and Dignity And Love and Boldness so that they will be comforted in their Situation Enough to Move Forward in Their Lives. Keep STRONG and live to find out what out what your purpose is in This Life.... BE BRAVE, I LOVE YOU....(:-)(:-)(:-)(:-)<<<<33334444