I Fool Em' All

I am unburdened...very little guilt, shame..no empathy...am I a sociopath or psycopath?

unburdened unburdened
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

A sociopath is a person who acts out of self interest only, will use and manipulate people for own goals with no concern for others, and truly lacks guilt, shame or empathy. Many narcissists are sociopaths. A sociopath will use any means to get his/her needs met to the detriment of others. Sociopaths can be very successful in life, or not. Usually quite charming, and gifted at tricking people. Bernie Madoff is a sociopath. Grifters, con artists, cheaters, thieves, etc. are sociopaths. <br />
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A psychopath has a very sick mind and wants to cause great harm to others for his/her own gratification. Psychopaths have a compulsive desire to hurt others, especially physically. Rapists, serial killers, abusers, torturers of people or animals are psychopaths.