I suffer from manic depressive bi-polar w/suicidal tendencies. NO_ONE knows the real me.. I doubt that I do really. But, one thing is for sure..when it is good it is over the top good, yet, when it bad it is bottom of the pit bad. So I guess what I want to say is.. I am on the same emotional coaster. try to enjoy the ride.  ps-if noone knows who you are.. they don't ask much from you,but give evn less?

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

i am sor ry you are going thru this i thought you had ocd.do not give up i and fight i will talk with you if you would like i am taking a vac to virginia beach would love to connect with you let me know.

rough days on the horizon, tying to keep positive, holding my head above water.

I understand you 100% I have depression too. I have good days and bad. I just deal day to day. Im happy for the good days, they dont come often. If ya ever wanna talk, im here for you.

thanks for sharing your story!