Most of the time, people just don't get me. And I am not saying this as an angsty teenage goth would (even though I've been there and done that :P) but as the years go by, I see more and more that people have this warped image of me.

I'm a bit different, yes, I can admit that. And often that frustrates me up to the roof, because I can't get my feelings across. I am easygoing, but at the same time emotionally crippled and incapable of showing interest. I am aloof, but I actually care a lot, I just can't find a way of showing it. So people naturally assume I'm cold, or I don't like them. 
Some people think I'm a bit of a *****, others try and convince everyone I'm a liar. But I have learned  to lie only to protect myself, not to fabricate things, but to divert attention from more important issues.

Girls don't like me at all. Unless they are different themselves, or are not liked too. But otherwise they're all.. weird. I also have slightly different views on sex, in a way that I am more liberal and free. And I'm not sure girls like that. But it doesn't matter most of the time, if I can keep in mind I have nothing to feel sorry about. It's difficult having to keep my head high, knowing people talk behind my back and gossip, but sometimes it's really worth knowing I am who I am.

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I have always felt I was misunderstood. I have built up walls to protect myself. of course, that keeps you from living life. I understand.

I think that most of us are misunderstood.- people protect themselves in different ways perhaps depending on what turmoil they have/had in their lives. <br />
<br />
about thinking different about sex and whatnot.-It would be a very boring life if we all thought one way.<br />
<br />
So just know you might not be alone this