Square Peg Surrounded By Round Holes

i go to college and keep to myself except for a few acquaintances. i think the impression i give most people at school is that i am a nerd with no life, but the truth is i just hate school and relate more to non-college kids. but the funny/sad thing is that non-college kids think of me as just a college girl, and they take my quietness for stuck-up-ocity. so not true!!

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

It hurts too much to care about anything anymore for me. I do though and I wonder why at times.

hey there. I go through the same thing too. Im a college student and I have very few good friends. I m fairly good in my studies but I do not go out with people much. I tend ti stick to myself after classes and many times people have the impression that I`m arrogant which is actually not true because I`m very polite to everyone. I just dont like to be judged by people who do not know the real me and I am tired of it. these days, I try not to let them bother me too much because it hurts to care about words which are so not true.

I am similar, I keep to myself and only talk to a few people. im thought of a stuck up too, but the college kids and me didnt relate when I was in school Im 28 now and finished at 25, so I understand.

I am a senior in high school and people think the same of me. <br />
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I tend to keep to myself. Only talk to a few people. Or if someone ****** me off. <br />
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I hate school and because I have only one or 2 friends people think wrong about me. <br />
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Some boys act as I am invisible and kick my desk and throw paper at me. and as I am tiring of it they are lucky I don't hit them honestly.