I Am a Man With a Woman Inside of Me!

"I am not who they think I am", now that I have gained weight due to medications I take I do not show my femme traits but I have them and no one knows about them except two women.  One woman I have had intimate sexual relations with and the other is a Lesbian and they both know I am a cross dresser.  When I was having regular oral sex with the first woman I had no desire to cross dress.  In my marriage however I cross dressed all the time because sex was boring with her.  Oral sex is a real turn on for me.  If I cannot have oral sex I return to cross dressing.  I love nylon and mostly panties, slips and night gowns.  I only wear them in the privacy of my home, I live alone now.  I did feel ashamed of being a cross dresser but my lesbian friend helped me over come that and now I feel happy when I cross dress and it gives me such a rise (erection) The ******* are mind boggling and I almost pass out from them when I am poking a tent in my pink panties!

nonahh nonahh
Mar 17, 2009