They Just Don't Get It!

If we listed what anybody and everybody that know us, know us....I think they are not acurate in giving prescription and intrepretation. Even sometimes Doctor can give the wrong medicine to his patient. It the only proof that anybody has it own flaw and weaknesses. I always get stuck to people that always think of me as just another unworthy, ugly, depressed woman. It maybe from the outside, do they ever imagine and doing some quick reality check on themself. Most probably, they will get siezure from shoking to know what filthy human they are. I'm more sopshisticated woman for the decade that they have known. Or maybe, They are not what I think they are...hummm...the question may be bring to my own little prespective? Maybe I also have make some mistake in judging them. Like the rest of huamn kind, I'm still searching for what I call the perfect human mechanisms. So, in an effort to know other people, I also have question my self about other people and vice versa. Maybe people can never be what they think they are, because they just don't know themself also.

LisaWiserLiser LisaWiserLiser
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2009