THEY Are Judgemental Freaks!

I'm a somewhat good example of "I'm not who they think I am." Nobody talks to me because they've labled me as "emo" and "depressed" and "dark" and "cat girl (??) " and many other things. Plus, I know this one guy who absolutely loves to spread rumors about me, when I never did anything to him. True, I tend to stay quiet and isolated, but that's far from who I really am. The true side of me is a crapload different that only my friends and my mother see. But with everybody constantly judging, I can't really express my real self.... and at this point of time I would feel like it's too awkward to try anyway. Just when I talk, people give me weird looks. Because of their judgemental attitudes, I became isolated..... only about five people see the true me- hyper, friendly, kind of random, spazzy person who's ususally willing to help people out. And who isn't so dark or depressed. How would they like it if people began judging them too much, since they are so "high and mighty?"

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Well I have to say it highschool is what I am in and I must be invisible as I keep getting things thrown at me by boys and my desk kicked as well.

How old are you? I mean are you in high school? If so, don't worry too much about it. High school is only 3 years out of a hopefully long, happy life for you.<br />
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I am an adult, and personally I like to be alone. There is nothing wrong with you, some people are so judgmental. <br />
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Here's a fun fact for ya, the people in my high school, not all, but most, who were the cheerleaders and voted most likely to succeed etc., dropped out of college their first year because when they got there they couldn't stand being "nobodies". My boyfriend, who was considered weird in high school, is a genius who is amazingly successful because he remained true to himself. He didn't let the people who called him names affect his self esteem. He had a lot of interests, focused on the positive and he is so cool and the kids who picked on him? "Do you want fries with that?" I think you are cool as hell, to thine own self be true.