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It is funny how anybody can say this. At some point in time in everybody's life you are going to have people who don't know the real you and probably never will. I find it fascinating how my family even has a distorted view of who I am. I have never intentionally mislead them or presented myself in a different manner to them, but they have this built in concept of who I am that seems to be remnants of my childhood that I cant even remember. I of course present myself differently at work and yet another way to my neighbors. I'm not sure that anybody will ever actually see me for the real 100% me, nor am I sure that it is a bad thing. I am a very private person in my actual life, never would i leave myself as exposed as I do on here. And I keep this site hidden from friends and family because this is MY SITE! my own little place that I can be me.

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U hit a kid on the bus? I dont know everything about myself either, but I learn more and more every day. Writing here for me has helped me figure some of it out, but I know for a fact that the people closest to me dont know me at all. It saddens me because I feel like they just arent paying attention to me at all. My sister esp. says things that just arent me at all it's confusing to me because I dont see how people would get that impression. I have been paying more attention lately and trying to see what i do diff. , still not sure though

I don't know the real me and wonder if I ever will to be honest. Right now I am trying to decide if I want the kid on the bus to call the cops for me hitting him or not. :( <br />
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I never knew who I was I don't think.

You allow yourself to be different around diffrent people. Its just easier to let them keep their view of you than it is to challenge it or even speak about it. No one has seen me 100% ever, everyone gets a little part of me, what I want them to see, I am totally open on here, but in real life, I dont really reveal much about myself. This place is wonderful, and its ok to open up.

That is what is so great about this site, u can always find someone like you, nomatter what the experience. I love it!!

I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with you. I have never pretended to be anything but that which I am and yet people judge and make assumptions, family included, about who you are. Of course, I don't bother to correct them - why should I? I don't think it's such a bad thing not to reveal yourself to everyone. Of course, I also feel that there needs to be at least one person who knows you 100% and can accept you completely. I'm still looking for that person. As for keeping this site to myself. Funny, I do the same thing. Of course, even should someone get on this site and stumble across my profile, they wouldn't know it was me.