People tend to form their opinion on me based on my outward appearance. And the people who DO "know" me, STILL have the wrong idea of me. I'm someone who is very underestimated. I've got a lot of dreams and aspirations that no one would think someone like me would have. I'm sure they expect me to stay in this town until I die. They don't think I'll do anything worthwhile with myself. They think I'm hateful, they think I'm evil, they think I'm not a deep or interesting person. True, I am very mysterious, I don't let myself be shown to a lot of people. What most see of me is completely fake. But I don't feel I can really trust anyone to show them MYSELF.
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2007

people's opinions only matter if you let them. And half the time they just need something to talk about- be who you want to be, and then come back ten years later and be like BOM CHICKA WA WA!! lol :D

You can use their lack of knowledge, and totally shock them when you do something amazing/unexpected with your life! I suppose we all have to keep a side hidden, but to hide *every* single part of you?