We All Are

it is part of human behaviour.we all hide who we are,and put up a front.the more we are hurt the more we hide it.and sometimes it takes over and we can lose our selves.it is not a bad thing.it helps,but we must find an outlet for our emotions.before they become toxic.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

It helps me alot. People here are the only ones I really talk to. I am not comfortable in person talking usually. <br />
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I can't do anything anymore either. I am just so tired all the time ti seems.

I agree goast Ep is helping me to rediscover myself, I have been lost A long time, Like you I'm so glad of this SITE I can feel myself coming back .....:)

At this time in life, with those close to me, I let in to whom I am and how I'm feeling. To those on the surface circle of acquaintances, I keep to myself. IN my private time and my blog I share whatever I'm going through.

I hide everything from people in person. Here I don't hide anything really. I can show what I feel. Tell what I think. <br />
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It helps alot at times. <br />
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I am not comfortable with many people or talking to people.

and this is where EP comes in....What better place to be our selves....But in a place where you can say anything that you want......A place where the real you can go and play in the sun shine.......Awwwwww.....I love EP