Too Loud to Think

I am the funniest person that most people know. I laugh too much and joke too much and definitely smile way too much. I'm outgoing- some might even say bubbly- talkative and opinionated. But really, honestly, all I want is to sit and be quiet. My life is filled with people and noise all the time, and usually it's all right, but sometimes I just want to hang out with someone- or by myself, for that matter- and not talk or joke or goof around. Silence is golden, right? I think I'd like a little of it in my life.
sheisawesome sheisawesome
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

For no particular reason, I get this feeling from reading this story and your story about always being one of the guys, that you will one day meet a really great guy, who just gets *you*. Then again, my intuition sucks ;) But you sound like one cool chick :g Could it be that your username tells it like it is...?

Silence is golden, but it can be so hard to switch off what other people expect you to be can't it