Yeah. I'm Bi. ...

Yeah. I'm bi. they don't know that yet... :/
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For me they never will, I like it that way...

I am bi just as well, 17 people know! I knew I was in 6th grade. I came out a few months ago to my bestest friend, then I told one more, then another... I guess I am lucky, not a single person I told has not judged me belittled me or anything. They all are supportive, I guess I just choose good friends? I don't know, I am sopposed to tell my dad soon... just waiting for the conversation to come up. After 3 years of hiding it, its just better to come out I've even had a few girlfriends. I know some of you have hid it for longer its alright, you can come out in your own time. =^D <br />
PS, i apologize for any scatter brainness.

When you tell them they will tell you to choose.

I am bi women I not swallowing lol I have a homeboy I know he is he lies tho bi knows bi he only fooling himself not me he treats me like he a down low bi or gay guy he cool tho and sneaky I guess I m just str8 up I dont hide it from my lovers I deal with maybe work and family but work brought it to light a trap mission.

Nothing to be ashamed of. It just goes to show that your love transcends genders.

Nice thought, but that's pansexuality, similar to bisexuality, but bisexuality is the attraction to male and female. Pansexuality is the attraction to the person, rather than their gender. Includes people who identify as different genders too, eg transexual or androgynous.

Well, dats da hardest thing, especially who they are?

i am bi and only my brother knows and my friends been bi since i was 13 always knew that something was different about me or strange or gross but i was just different then i went to a pride fest and i felt like wow there are other people out there like me.

Lets all be bi ;D

Don't understand who couldn't love **** and come.

I'm also a bisexual man. <br />
Don't understand how anyone couldn't be. <br />
I'm eager and willing to swallow.

If you're bi, you'd be interested in my story. Please type in the search bar, "I am in loved with a married man." The best of luck to you while you figure it out.

I am also Bi. I have been I. The closet since I was about 10....when I started realizing I was different. <br />
I dated a woman before my marriage, and my - then - friends knew.....well, some of them anyway(my californian friends-not my east coast friends) . I have 2 teenaged kids now and am out to most now, since my divorce (my husband always knew.....but didn't care and no menage a trois either) I am not out to my kids though. Not yet anyway. I'm enjoying having something to myself for a while. And the divorce is still kind of new. I do feel a sense of relief, being even a little bit out of the closet, and can't wait for the day that I tell my kids.


who doesnt know yet?<br />
why have you not told anyone?<br />
they might know but are waiting for you to tell them<br />
dont hide it just work out who really needs to know, if they dont except you then they are not worth the hassle,<br />
i have hidden that im Bi for 20 years only a few people know that i am and i no longer see them but i am only know starting to see that i cant hide it no more

it depends who are they