Radical Gramma

I have always been different than anyone in my family. I don't know why, or how it happened that way. I have always felt differently from all of them. I was always open minded about things that they had closed minds about. when Hippies wore long hair, they had a fit about it. It never bothered me. I never cared if someone was gay or straight, or what religion they belonged to. I started to see how much INJUSTICE there is in the World, and I started to write poems and essays about it. I wanted to make a difference in changing this horrible thing that keeps people separated. I have been writing to prison inmates for over 30 years now. I have learned a lot about the injustices of prison life, and it upsets me when I read where people write in how people in prison should all be treated badly because they committed a crime. What they don't realize is how cruel and unreal things are in prison, and it's NOT by fault of the inmates. It is by fault of police who make false reports, prosecutors who only want to win convictions with any lies or corruptions they can make up, judges who are only acting as God with no sense of compassion or concern for the entire situation. And Guards who are given absolute power to treat inmates like scum of the earth.  It is easy to have people picked up for no reason and sent to prison for things that are made up, and once they are gone, no one cares what the real story is. Yes I am a radical in that sense. I am well aware that many people need and deserve to be in prison, that the reason we have prisons, however this prison thing has gone way over board and it has become as insane as Hitlers Holocaust.  Half of inmates in  prison have Mental illness and have no business being in prison in the first place. Society has no concern that they are ill and NOT simply criminals for what they do.  Also ,  NON-violent crimes account for most of inmates who are serving outrageous prison time for selling a few grams of drugs. When prosecutors who put them there can go home and smoke a joint and it is perfectly okay because they are above the law. Justice has become a matter of who can afford it. Taxpayers were on the warpath to stop Welfare. Well they have dug themselves a big hole and fell into it without even realizing it.  Corporate welfare is still being supported, but welfare for the poor has been taken away, and while it was being done, there was a rush like wild fire to build new prisons. Our leaders were well aware that once welfare came to a stop, desperate people were going to do desperate things to survive, and the Prison Industry has become one of the largest PROFIT making Businesses in this country. 


I am a radical, not a rebel. I am NON-violent and don't believe in taking an eye for an eye. I only believe that we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and if we do not learn how to love and understand each other and stop putting ourselves first all the time, we will all fall together. That is what is happening to our economy right now. We allowed politics to control everything, and they are only out for their best interest. When things go wrong it is the little people who must pay to fix up the mess.


The womans prison population DOUBLED in the first ten years that welfare was dismantled. Where are all these former welfare people suppose to get a job when there are none left for anyone anymore? Taxpayers are paying out 100% MORE to put these poor people in prison for stealing a few dollars to try and feed their kids, than they paid out in welfare payments. Parents are being taking from the kids, and then put into foster care where taxpayers pay out the humongous bill also. Children are tossed into all sorts of depressions, and chaos. Is it no wonder they grow up to commit crimes to get even with a system that never gave a dam about them?  Think People.  Petty problems can always be resolved, but we are facing some major issues that could really get bad.   We must learn to Love one Another, and most of all DO UNTO OTHERS AS WE WOULD WANT THEM TO DO UNTO US. THAT IS THE LAW OF GOD!

ladybaby ladybaby
61-65, F
Apr 11, 2009