Sometimes I feel normal. When I am sorounded by people who look and act like me. But then I see her. And I know that the amount of time I spend thinking of her is not normal. Everyone sees this girl, me, she is in musical theatre. OK. what else? she..... you don't know. DO you know that she suffers every day knowing that she cant have the only thing she wants? Or that she has to sit and watch..  her, every day, without communication, just longing to TALK.? My "Best friend" thinks she knows, but does she know I sit for hours thinking and writing my thoughts into the black hole that is my journal. no...When my mother buys journals, does she know that they will soon  be engulfed in thoughts and raw emotions? ...No One Knows.

Except you.
LifeIsWhatHappens LifeIsWhatHappens
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2007