They Laugh, I Cringe

Everyday at school I put a mask on and smile as I toss out stupid line after stupid line to make people laugh. They don't know it makes me sad. Years before them I didn't have my mask. People made fun of me, purposely hurting me. I learned my lesson. Nobody wants to know me for me. So I put on this stupid Faux me so people won't bugger on me anymore. Somedays it's just so tiring though, I wish I could just be me.

I'm not the girl who always says the "dumb blonde" crap, who's always smiling and giggling and ready for whatever. I'm the kid who wants to chill on a computer and be alone most of the time. Honestly I don't see how no one's seen the mask chipping. :|

seacibuddy seacibuddy
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2010