No One Knows...

I have close friends, we are really close, but there are some things I just keep to myself. They wouldn't understand... Some of them know more than others, but none know Everything. My family is F*cked that they know, how much it affects me... that no one knows. They know I'm a virgin... they don't know I like BDSM, that I want to be a trained Submissive. Among more but that's not why I'm writing...

I often feel bad because we always say we'll be friends forever (cheesy, I know but we've known each other for a really long time) and then there are the times we say things like: No secrets, and I answer: None. But I do, I have secrets. I watch 'Heroes' And there is a line that Claire Bennett says that really isn't important but it stuck with me. " A girls' gotta have her secrets" That's exactly how I feel, there are some things I just cant tell them, it would change the way they look at me, what they think about me... I don't want their pity... Next year I'm going to Uni. and I'm moving in with my two best friends, I'm just scared that some of these things will get out and they'll feel the need to psychoanalyze me... I just hope I can keep it to myself..

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we all have baggage.look at me i robbed a store naked and it got put all over youtube and other site .my friend showed me.he typed in naked robber on youtube and i was on it .he also typed in on google naked robber caught on cctv and bang there i was .so we all got baggage just dont let that stuff show who you are i walked into a store naked doesnt mean im always gonna do it but it has been hard finding storte work since then

Umm, Hershey, bdsm isnt a religion. It is a lifestyle based on a dominant partner(s) and a submissive partner(s). A consensual relationship where one person enjoys being in control, while the other enjoys having the power. It is too complex to properly summarise here though.<br />
<br />
Are you maybe thinking of LDS, church of the latter day saints?

but i know bdsm is a peaceful religion. even though i am catholic i still appreciate them

i totally get how you feel. i to have secrets but i can't trust anyone. i am the the one who comforts but never comforted. some things are better left a personal

I think you'd be surprised at how many people are interested in BDSM, or D/s and so on. Most won't be "practicing" as it were, but they may well have their own secret fantasies that border on it. If they try psychoanalysis on you, turn it about and ask why they are so concerned about your ideas?