Ever since I turned 11 I saw the world differently than others. I was mature for my age due to past experiences that impacted me greatly (Grandmother and grandmother raised me from an early age due to my parents emotional abusing me, Grandfather died when I was 10 so it felt like I had lost my Dad. Also was molested by a stranger when I was 6 or so.... memories are a bit fuzzy before 11,) so I focused on school work as I knew it would help me in the 'real world.' In high school I was suspended for a ridiculous amount of time and later expelled due to a 'troubling essay' that was red-flagged by an over zealous high school assistant principle. It was over mice and men and it was over the topic of suicide/unintentional death.

Most people who meet me now never knew of what had happened to me before they met me and I kept it that way. The way I present myself to the world is a person with almost no family that grew up in a small town, quiet and I don't sleep much. The reality is I suffer from Ptsd, am very paranoid about everyone around me to the point I am convinced I cant sleep at night and I love to abuse my pot.

MacGreggor MacGreggor
18-21, M
Feb 16, 2010