This Is My Story

im black haired and a blue eyed beauty.Just another typical pretty face.

im a dancer and an ex cheerleader.

but there is a side of me that most dont see.



Id like to introduce you to deadra.....

She is the demon that lies inside of me.She looks just like me.Even talks just like me.But she is not me...she likes to prey on the weakness of others.Use it to her advantage.She will use you till you have nothing left but the clothes on your back and when she wants more,those will be gone aswell.She will twist your mind until you get tossed in the looney bin. And destroy your life without a second thought about it.She will not shed a tear or lose any sleep over hurting your feelings. As a matter of fact she will laugh and watch you cry. She is purely cold hearted.


She does have a good side tho. Shes the me you see laughing and giggleing at parties. And she is usually the life of the party becuz noone knows the damage she can cause. They just see this innocent girl having the time of her life and dont think twice about her intentions. She feeds off there energy and feeds it right back to them.


She doesnt take to kindly to people that try to harm im thankful in some ways that i have her. But ive lost more friends and lovers due to her. She is untameable but she is at rest for now.


I am Twinni and im not just another pretty face.Do not let the smile and kind word fool you Because you never know when shes shhhh....

twinni twinni
18-21, F
7 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I guess we all have that evil twin hiding inside of us...I have mine,I don't let him come out very often,he knows people don't like him but he could care less...maybe that's why I'm so fascinated with clowns: heavy make up to hide their true intentions,fake smile to let fools put the guard down...a bag of tricks to deceive the wonder I won't let him come out....for years I tried to reject him,now I just embrace him...the comfort now is for him to know that he is not alone....

She and you are one in the same.<br />
Don't separate that part of yourself as a separate entity, accept it instead.<br />
That may take a while, though.

they wont know what hit them ;p

mwahaha!! *zips mouth* shut it deadra!! hehe ok so EP here we come?

omg that would be so awesome. we start w/ ep..then work our way the end of the week we'll have our faces printed on money...sorry, getting carried away w/ taking over the world dream.

then again theyd prolly tag team and take over the world lol

your deadra and my chloe would most def get along..well they prolly wouldn't.. lol