By Choice

I've always been a private person.  I don't trust people and tend to keep everyone at an arm's length.  I guess it's why I like EP.  I can post things anonymously.  So, nearly anyone who meets me, on or offline, is only shown one side of me - usually my quiet, reserved, introverted side.  There are a lot of things I just don't let people see about me until I start to get to know them.  I have all these little "rules" I follow to keep my privacy, no matter if I'm meeting you online or offline.  I don't talk about myself much, and if I do I stay away from a lot of personal details.  Sometimes people think I'm weird because I won't answer certain questions.

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6 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Because she's a lunatic?

Really? You really don't know why she wanted to know your shoe size?

Weirdest question I ever refused to answer: My shoe size. Why the hell does anyone need to know that?

At one time I was a people person, but as time went on, now in my 50's, I'm really reserved. I think it's good to have strong boundary lines. In fact, it's healthy. People wonder about me, but so what. I am who I am. I would rather have a few close friends than 100 acquaintances.

Mine is by choice. I wait until I'm comfortable with someone before letting them in past the cold outer shell.

I guess I'm kind of in the same boat. Only do your do yours on purpose? Because I can't turn my quiet side off most of the time.