Who Am I...?

I sometimes wonder to myself, why do I lie to people? Maybe it's just because I want to fit in. But personally, people I 'hang out' with, I don't really consider them my friends, play video games, and seriously. I don't care wtf you did on WoW last night. Go touch yourself... I pretend to care, just so I can have someone to talk to, instead of being a complete loner. If I were to tell everyone I am gay, and I really DO ENJOY using drugs, they would abandon me, and tell me to go away, then they would never talk to me again.


The true me DOES enjoy drugs, I AM bisexual, and I DO NOT care about you pathetic video game. Get a job, or a life.

Hugglebear Hugglebear
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Kudos to you.<br />
There is really no reason why you should be embarassed about that. Do you live in a small town?<br />
There are sooo many men out there who are bisexual; theyre probably just closeted too- or will not be confident enough about their sexuality until theyre older.<br />
<br />
It might definitely be a relief to share with someone youre really close to and can trust . Is there anyone you could consider for that?<br />
And I get what youre saying about being a loner if word gets out...but on the other hand...is it worth wasting your time with morons, feeling dishonest AND having to hold all that in, if their time isnt worth anything to you?...<br />
<br />
Good luck dude, feel free to talk...