When I walk down these crowded hallways I know they do not see who I really am....the person I have lead them all to belive. Years and years of hurt and dissapointment from the ones I have trusted most lead me to create a whole different person. This person walks around happy and smileing to gaurd people of the hurt and the pain. Sometimes I enjoy being this carefree person with no worries, but as soon as I step in front of a mirror the person I tried to hide comes flying back to the surface. I began to wonder if by trying so hard not to hurt others that I began to hurt myself? I lost the person I used to be I got her confused with the person I made up and now I have no clue who I am.......so i will continue being the person I created and I will hopefully find out who I really am supposed to be!!!

maytaytay maytaytay
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I know how you feel its like the real you is suffocating just trying to get out! We will be able to break free and show the world who we are im 100% sure of it. =]

i understand you completly. I walk around my school being someone im not. They im happy but im dying on the inside :( i want to be me. but Im not sure how to show it, but i hope that one day i will be able to show the world who the real me is and i hope you can 2 :)

Its always a little hard though, sometimes the fear of dissapointing someone is always a problem