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I put my user name down at a weakened moment. They come and go. Some days I do feel just like a Littlemissnobody.  I spent my whole life as someone's something - never just me. Now I do my best to put myself out there - some days it works, some days it doesn't. 

I think about things in depth, and rarely open my mouth without thinking of the consequences first. I can been a loon, a deep thinker, a trusted friend and confidant if only people would allow me to be. 

I have recently had someone come into my life that has taught me so very much in only a week. This person sees my potential and has told me so, and it's wonderful. Now if I could see and remind myself of what this person sees, well I'd think I'd be a happier person because of it.  At the end of the day it is true..

I hope to be one day, a Littlemisssomebody..x


Okay, slight update.. yes I do know I am somebody, and thank you to all who point it out.  Like most, I have anxiety, and a few self esteem problems.. and as two people here have found recently, **** me off and you will be going down.  

Found it.

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Sometimes it's hard, isn't it, when there are so many demands on us, things that routinely need to be done, regardless of who we are or what our value and actual potential is? Over the years, I've learned to simply "put myself out there" too, even it's just when I'm getting a few groceries. Usually people will see the good quality shine through and be affected by it, even if it's just for the few moments we interact. I've never been told so, but it may turn out to be the best experience that teller, clerk, or cashier has all day. <br />
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It's too bad more stock isn't placed in how valuable we are as individuals, so we end up being numbers instead, sort of. Most of the time it's the best I can do to remind myself that I am a valuable person, even if no one else sees it. I'm not always successful at it, either. I hope you have been able to experience this yourself.

Thank you *blushes*

Believe me tiredofpeople.. one person can, and they have. The difference is, that in the past I never believed what people had to say about me..and just last week, I finally did.<br />
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as for you AFS77! Let's join the mutual admiration society!