I'm constantly relocating myself, changing and growing, learning about life, and moving forward (and sometimes backwards). I'm always getting myself into trouble (ever since I was six years old!) and also getting myself OUT of that said trouble! And the reason for this is simple... because those around me often think I am someone that I am not. u_u

And it's not me, giving off that image or idea in other's minds. Not at all, as I'm always honest and upfront, and will speak the truth about myself. But people tend to ignore me and just try to "make me" be what they want to see. So, I am never what people think I am. Well... to be more accurate, I'm never what the Delusional-people, who insist that I'm this and that, expect me to be. I can only be myself. And myself is nothing special. =p

I'm just me, a female version of the Mad Hatter! ^_~

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Thanks, Saving! :-D<br />
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And yep... I'm always stalking you, Sm00thie... get use to it! XD

And you are stalking me too :P