I Hat Straight Forward Thinking People.

I'm not sure you mates have read my previous story or not, I may briefly describe my situation. I have a white American partner, but I don't have totally Asian features, and my skin is whiter than his, but we're living in a small town which many Asian live in, especially Chinese. And I hate those Chinese assume me that I'm also a fellow Chinese same as them, especially the old bastards, I'm not racist or anything at first, but their thinking and attitude are very terrible and offensive, I'd known that from the start, so I just walk so fast on the street, never stop for anyone unless they need help for direction or anything. Nothing wrong with that, not saying hello to each other in this kind of towns. My partner's already adopted my way, but sometimes he's just noisy about what the old guys are doing, especially when they group together doing exercise or some knid of martial arts, so we did go over and had some chit chat for couple of times. I can say, some of them are exceptions, not typical straight forward thinking people, but more than 90% they are, totally uncivilized and stupid.

The most offensive question they ask are, "Where did you learn your English from? So well, you learn from him?" How dare they said that, why they think English is not my first Language and they think I just learnt from others, not by myself? Okay, I admit English isn't my first language, coz I was born in this town, but why they think I'm a Chinese, I don't look like them! I won't say I'm so awesome looking or anythink, but I'm unique. Those old Asian people totally got on my nerves, only couple of young people stuck up for me occassionally.

But my partner doesn't understand this point, that why sometimes arguements occurs, and sometimes when we talk, especially on phone, he never pay attention to what I say, coz sometimes he loves talking but not listening, but we don't have same topics and interests anyway, but I think is normal between guys and chicks. But really so frustrated when he didn't reply me about the same topic that I just said and then he carries on what he'd like to say, then I grumble, but he growl me back, and say that people would think he's an idiot because he doesn't catch what say. Then every time I say to him, people won't think like that, people will definite think it's my language problem, because they assume that I'm a bloody Chinese. Men, sometimes I just want to leave by myself without any regrets, I don't know whether I should be with him or not, this kind of minor things he's also not willing to comfort me, and people think he's more superior than me anyway, not superior, but more special. But I'm much younger and hotter than him. And people just think I'm a *****, as never bother to know what's going on in the ******* town, but I'm just disappointed about this place, not every one like that, I know, but I just don't feel comfortable. Or maybe I should stay single.

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She's not an Asian, before u give people comments, please read every word people said, otherwise, don't give, coz they don't need these comments.