My Heart Of Stone...

I was once told I have a stone for a heart. It could be true, for as heavy as it weighs right now. A very large, jagged stone, in fact, accompanied by a persistant small one in my throat and an equally large one tumbling about in the pit of my stomach.

Have you ever delivered the most precious, most fragile thing in your life to the very edge of ruin? I have. And that is why I'm here - to purge myself of the feelings I have pent up inside of me. I'm talking about shame, regret and the futility of my self-realization. I'm talking about being called to account for the all the terrible and disgusting things I've done...not only to the truest love I've ever held in my trembling hands, but to those who called me friend, son, brother, or shipmate. I'm talking about longing for love and understanding when there is naught but a cold shoulder, a silent voice, and an echoing ghost.

I am determined to fight my way over each and every hill. I will fight for every misplaced dream and for every broken vow. I will draw shield and sword against every demon within me, and avenge the years they've taken from me.

My lost love will be my beacon. Her banner remains planted in the flesh of my world - in the stone that is my core. It radiates with the warmth of her memory. And even though she has invested the wealth of her beautiful heart with someone else, I will not be dissuaded. When I have reached the pinnacle, I will stand amid the shards of my dark past, bathed in the light of the glorious sun and scream her name into the heralding winds.  

TheHonestLiar TheHonestLiar
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

well, if you're here to purge your feelings... tell the story. what happened?

That's really beautiful. I wish you all the best mate! <br />
<br />
With that determination you are sure to succeed!