I Am Not Who They Think I Am

Gees that title is so true, its ringing in my ears. People look at me and think I must have such a great life, I have it all, but its so untrue I have nothing as far as I can see, as I am lonely.

At work I can just see them thinking she has it all and has a great life, but I have nothing thats worthwhile, its not what I want, but I dont know how to get what I want without hurting first to then rise above.

I wish sometimes someone can see right through me and see the real me.

Natjik Natjik
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I am kind of in the same boat however, I seem to make up stories about my life to make it seem so wonderful, when really I am so lonely. I wish I didn't make up stories but for some reason I can't stop.<br />
My life seems pretty perfect on the outside, I don't know if it's because I make it seem so perfect or if people actually just think my life is. Yet, for me I know it's my fault that people think my life is so perfect because it's me making this fake front by telling lies.