i am an actor hiding behind masks of people i have made to fit each turn my life has given me unless you want to wait around for years and years you will never find who i am

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Masks are interesting if we use them for fun... <br />
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Here we are secret... outside we have secrets also...<br />
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MAsks may be a good tool to avoid problems and afford sexy escapes, lessen the risks and are soo misterious

We're living in a world of fools.

Well, I'm different from you, and those who've commented before: I'm pretty much a what you see is what you get kind of guy, lol. You do seem quite interesting, though, so hanging around for years and years to see the real you would likely be well worth the effort. :)

No one really knows me either as I won't let them. Had some issues in the past that allowed me to withdraw within myself. I am unable to share myself with anyone as a result. I have other lives I am living that no one knows about.

I am the same way.. only my true friends actually know me. And even then.. they don't REALLY know me.

we are all actors in one way or another if we could read each others minds we would see that many wear masks even those who have been together for many years