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It seems as though people enjoy defining who their peers are...especially high school students! My friends and classmates tell me who I am. This is not right, but what can I do about it? I am merely another student among 3,000 private school students. I tried to show the "real me" but nobody knows who they are at my age! So all of the advice that tells people to "be themselves"'s pointless. I wish I had that kind of friend that you can tell anything to, but honestly in my world, that's not going to happen. Of course others define you, because if you really think about it, everyone is competing matter what...

Fortunately, and unfortunately, I am defined as the social, preppy, careless girl. I wish they would listen to me. I wish I didn't have to be afraid to tell my friends that I am on the honor roll... or that I won a scholarship for a national compitition. That will surely down my status.

I suppose you have to make decisions in life, ones that can make you...or perhaps ruin you....



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I would be proud of you if you was my friend you.Im still proud of you even though I dont know you.

Wow, all good advice here. I think everyone already took the words right out of my mouth. So I guess I'll just add that smart girls like you are actually quite attractive. Even if they feel they don't have the looks of a super model. I mean I wish I could say I have ever gotten honer roll. Sure, there's nothing wrong with not talking about it if you choose, but I would sure be proud of it. It may feel embarrassing now, but I bet you that later in life; maybe in just a couple years, it will be a GREAT asset to you in both your professional and your personal life. Like what's already been written, life experiences can help you, but also those around you (if you share it with them, and if they listen). =)

I think in some ways you are right. As much as we tout in society the idealization of not allowing ourselves to be defined by others, we ARE a social species and as a result it`s nigh impossible to ignore ALL the external forces shaping our personality. Plus, high school is such a formative part a persons life, that many times we feel that who we are labeled as in HS is who we will be the rest of our lives. However, that is most of the time very untrue. Once you leave high school, you`ll realize just how unimportant those years were. Now, having said that, you should always strive to carve out your own niche and be happy and comfortable with who you are, and never feel embarrassed about anything, least of which being mature and intelligent.

I think I am mostly in your shoes.If they don't like who you are you can't do anything about it.Ignore them and move on,those people are probably not worth your attention.<br />
All The Best<br />
The Stranger.

See, since I'll never know what you're thinking or since I'll never know who you are in real life, all I have to say is just keep on riding. <br />
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Reading this I assume your anagram personality is a number 5, and as a fellow 5 it really sucks. I hate everyone seeing me as the crazy party kid, but when they see that I'm really smart they start freaking out. No one ever takes me serious in a debate, especially when I'm drunk, because they're always getting classed and their excuse is that I'm drunk? <br />
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Just because of what I do does not define who I am, only someone who knows me well enough I would let them define me. People see me as a happy care free stress free person, when in reality I'm a depressed cynic who just about hates everyone. It's just that i choose not to be a downer about it and bring everyone down with me, and try to have a good time.<br />
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I don't know which one I'm doing more, ranting on your story or trying to comfort you by relating to you. I don't know.

Your 'status' at a private HS is jus bout as important as your status here at ep ... he he ... I wish you didn' have to be embarrassed obut the honor roll, either. But it's been that way a long time - in High School.<br />
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In life there is no need to be ashammed of intelligence, an I assure you, you'll be glad you have it more often than not. Peace an strength to you.

I have been mature for my age since I was thirteen haha

Haha. (: You're right... Just let them. Who cares?

yep.. but if you keep proving yourself to the wrong people, your point just might end up being ignored again and again. who cares anyway?!.. they don't for sure, ..they see you the way they want to see you, so why bother ^ᴥ^ <br />
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i say let them.. let anyone think what they want about you.. live your life happy and just be better each day.. ..remember, you are what you are.. ..people will see that soon enough :] <br />
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in any case.. i see nothing wrong with being beautiful and beautiful..