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An Invisibile Mask

Some call it a mask, others call it concealer.  Some hide behind falsities, others hide behind an invisible mask.  I hide behind my invisible mask of awkward silence.  I often stumble intentionally upon my words, because I'd rather not talk to you.  I often shy away from company, because it's unwanted.  That quiet girl you see in the corner isn't really me, it's my greatest masterpiece.  It is what I want you to see. 

Peel my mask away, and you will see many secrets that I so often keep hidden.  You will see that I am a little unhinged.  Some will call it insanity, so I often keep it hidden from strangers.  You will see that I am an Hellenic Polytheist.  Some will call it Paganism, so I often keep my faith to myself.  You will see that I am a rock fan.  Some will call my style Gothic, so I try to keep it subdued.  There are clues of my true identity in my invisible mask, you just need to know where to look.

Some are great pretenders, others are amateur actors.  Some are wonderful authors, others cannot even string a viable sentence together.  What am I?  I would have no secrets left, if I told you what I really am behind my invisible mask.  So, peel it back and behold my true face.  If you dare.

Sundance89 Sundance89 22-25, F Apr 5, 2010

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