" You " Don't Even Know " Me ".... I Am Not A User.

It's a stupid thing for people to assume they know me enough to break me.

I admit, many nights I have wasted my tears on people who probably enjoyed seeing me in agony. 2-3 July 2009 was the worst night of my life so far (as witnessed by my friends here on EP). I was betrayed by a lover who lied to me about it being monogamous, we had met on Ep. Everyone responded with care to "my note". I wanted to leave the pain behind, but one former friend posted my address details on the thread to "get me some help". I felt violated.

I blocked him the next day when I woke from my injuries.

Move forward to today, a week after my most recent rejection by an long distance lover. This one had made life plans, commitment, children, a house....blalllllaaaaaah. She hadn't even met me face-to-face, but I deigned to do my best to be her match. She loved the feeling of being loved...but never opened up without direct questioning.

My point is, if you want to know me.... just share and trust. I am not a user.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
Jan 21, 2013