He Loves Me More Than I Love Him

After a bad break up with my boyfriend of 1 yr. I formed a relationship wiu my best friend. I don't really know how It happened. But he loves me more than I love him. He's my Bestfriend, I just dont love hiM in the same way. And he's leaving for his mission next month and will be gone for 2 yrs. Do I weight it out or tell him now?
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3 Responses May 15, 2012

Well I have been through this and it all depends on how strong your friendship is. My bestfriend and I tried this because everyone we seemed to be with weren't the right person for us. We formed a relationship because we loved each other, we understand each other and because we're comfortable with each other. In the past he did have stronger feelings for me then I had for him but as years past that didn't seem to matter. During our attempt to make it more then a friendship I realized I didn't love him in that way. I eventually told him and he understood because our friendship meant more then anything else. Leading your bestfriend on wouldn't be fair to him since you already know how you feel you should let him know and act on it. Waiting it out will only make the situation much more harder to deal with in the future. I think he'll appreciate it more if you told him now then while hes away cause then he won't feel like you led him on.

Thanks so much for your input. It was much appreciated. :)

No, don't tell him now. You have to find out if your able to move on without him by missing him. You sometimes have to feel a bit of a pain to experience and appreciate love. :)