My Bf Is A Real Bastard. But Then Again I Have Morphed Into An Insecure Basket-case. We First Hooked Up A Few Years After My Husband Died.

I was so lost after my husband passed, he was "my family" I have never had a connection so interlocking, and several months after he passed I knew deep down my life was ******. But really nobodu understood. His own sister was saying "get over it already" it was almost 2 yrs at the time. Oh yes he was my salvation, however, I was his fit as well.

Okay if their is an afterlife, I will be with him, he knows my soul has never left, my body might have danced around, and I tried to find some connection, but my soul has always been with Joseph.

The a-hole I'm living with. I was pretty desperate, I supported him for years. He finally got a job, no **** after 12 or more years. He has been working for 15 months. For where we live
his salary is ok, but I was bringing in more for the first 7 yrs of our time together, then he does now. Sadly that includes my widows benefits. Yes he is a dead beat, but why did I allow this to happen??

He has broke so many of my belongings, "accidently" flooded my wedding album, punched walls, doors, threw oil based paint on my siding. I didn't know that was physical abuse??

Well this past summer of 2012 he threw an ironing board at me, I had a black and blue that feels like its 3 inches deep into your flesh. And yesterday he grabbed my wrist so hard, the braclet I had on ripped open my flesh, blood everywhere, daughter screaming.

How do I get help. I had a breakdown several yrs ago and am now on disability. I know he must leave. (my house before we got together) I need some advice of a internet board I can go to for support.

Yesterday he was going to use a brand new snow blower to clear 3inch thick ice off the driveway?? Thats after leaving gas in it all yr and the gas getting like glue. He has broken so many tools and appliances thru obvious neglect. Drying 3 loads of clothes together, going over big boulders w/ riding mower. Leaving tools to get stolen 2 k worth, and lying abt
the claim. "working" as a handy man but never getting paid??

Now though it is different, we have a daughter together, he is lying to her. I feel the rage inside me. He also started berating her when he is drinking. He sucks.
georgie430 georgie430
Jan 14, 2013