They Were All Liars

The whole time I was growing up, everyone I knew told me that I was worthless in some way or another.

Piano lessons please. When I was six, I begged my grandmother for piano lessons, she said I was to stupid to learn. Lovely thing to tell a six year old. When I was 10, I asked my dad for piano lessons, he straight up said I wasn't worth it. When I was 15, I asked my aunt and uncle for piano lessons (I was living with them at the time), they said I wasn't worth the money. Even though my mother was paying them a great deal of money to let me stay there.

I guess that was just about the last straw for me, I quit asking for anything after that. There were several other things that I had asked for, but playing the piano was so important to me. All I wanted was to play the beautiful music that gave me the only peace I could find. I just wasn't worth it.

I was told by all these same people that I would never amount to anything. Well, look at me now. I am a caring, loving and nurturing wife and mother. That is something that none of them ever amounted to. I still feel worthless every now and then, but I just look at my beautiful babies and remember that I have done something good.

As for the piano, I started teaching myself to play about three years ago. Because of this, a lady that I know, gave me an antique piano. She said that she didn't have room for it and at least she knew I would love it and care for it. I have cherished it since that day and will continue to do so.

silvertears silvertears
31-35, F
Aug 4, 2007